Wednesday, February 25, 2009

My First Design

If you read “about me” you noticed that my primary craft is rug hooking (as you could probably tell by my banner too). I’ve been hooking a little over 10 years and designing my own rugs for most of that time. My Lolli-Pop Flower Basket was my first attempt at designing my own rug and I thought I’d share it with you. My style has evolved from the traditional style of rug hooking into more of a light-hearted balance of color, texture and whimsy. My inspiration comes from many sources - art, other textiles, cards, nature, etc., and from other talented friends. Each piece is an original, each piece is unique, and each piece is special to me.


Lorelei said...

beautiful piece! And you got the pic added, NICE!!
I'm so glad you're a blogger now! YAY!

Beth Anderson said...

All thanks to you!
Thanks girlfriend, for the help and the plug on your blog :-)

Marie Patterson Studio said...

I just love that rug!!! I'm headed to the quilt fest (see my blog) would love it as they usually have some wool vendors!

katie said...

Great lollipop rug, even like the name. Just found your blog today, love the background.