Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year

I welcome 2010 – may it be a year that touches us all with positive energy, peace, happiness and prosperity.
2009 was a personally a year of heartache, but a year of good times and proud moments too.

January – I celebrated my 27th anniversary with Fidelity Investments.
I reconnected and got together with a high school friend I had not communicated with or seen in over 30 years.

February – I became a “reduction of workforce” and lost my job.
I had a weekend away in upstate PA with my “creative friends” girlfriends.
Started blogging

March – began my relentless and frustrating search for a new job.

April – Went to “Parents Weekend” at UMass to see my daughter.
Interviews at 3 different companies.
Had the opportunity to see my daughter row 3 times during the month.
Saw my daughter and UMass with the Atlantic 10 Championship!

Spent a weekend with 2 high school girlfriends I had not seen in more than 30 years in our old hometown.

May – My son graduated from Xavier University in Cincinnati (and did it in 4 years)!
Saw my daughter row 2 more times.

June – One interview during the month.
Went to the beach in Delaware for our annual week at the end of the month, into the first of July.

July – One interview during the month.

August – my son moved back from Cincinnati (and home) to start an internship at Villanova University.
I had 4 interviews with one company during the month and did not get the job.
Interviews with 2 other companies.

September – My son moved out.
Annual weekend at the beach with my rug hooking friends.
Interviews at 4 companies, and my 1st and 2nd interviews at United States Liability Insurance Group.

October – 3rd and 4th interview, and a job offer at United States Liability Insurance Group!
Started my new job on October 19th
Went to Saratoga Springs, NY for the weekend.

November – Had the Friday after Thanksgiving off for the first time in my life.

December – participated in the House Studio art show.

This year the month of December seemed like a whirlwind. I can’t believe Christmas is over and the new year is upon us. 2009 was full of frustration and disappointments and laughs and love and happiness and accomplishments, and new friends.

Cheers my friends – thanks for sharing the year with me.


Silke said...

What a full year you had! I'm so glad you started blogging through all of it and am looking forward to following your path through 2010! I hope the new year will be happy and prosperous for you and your family!! Love, Silke

lilylovekin said...

We both started blogging about the same time also, another thing in common. Best wishes and much love for the new year. Looking forward to a continued friendship. Lorrie

Kathy said...

That was a great way to share your year Beth. It was quite a year for you. 2010 is going to rock!!

Angela said...

Happy New Year, Beth!!

Tommye said...

Looking up from here on! Hope you have a wonderful 2010.

Lenae May said...

LOVE your beautiful colors of your hooked work! have had an eventful year, to say the least! I just got major hacked for my new year! Great to hear from you sweety!
Cheers to the New Year!


Karen Fields said...

Beth, Happy New Year to you, too. Nice looking over your recap of the year. You are very blessed to have a wonderful family, a creative mind, and the ability to bring joy to all those around you.