Sunday, January 3, 2010

Post Holiday

I love the after holiday bargains. I did a little shopping the last couple of days and one of my purchases were kitchen glasses from Pier 1. I love that store! We really needed glasses and I saw these glasses marked down from $7 each to under $2 each so I grabbed them. I love the colors of the glass with the amber and blue shadding. The glass is thick and they are beautifully crafted and they are nice and tall too. I was happy and felt good about this purchase. I also got a wonderful citrus candle that was a bargain too.

Besides some good shopping I put away all the Christmas decorations today - I hate that chore so it was nice to have the shopping as a reward.
Another reward was a large package of chocolates!

Just when we've survived the cookie avalanche, we were given a large container of chocolates yesterday! I wish I could share these with you all!


Kathy said...

I love the glasses. They're gorgeous and what a great price. Good for you. I will pass on the candy though. I have a beautiful box of Truffles from Telluride staring at me and I think I might take them to work tomorrow and share. I start working out tomorrow!!

lilylovekin said...

I managed to stay out of the stores this year, but I do love your glasses. This is freaky about Pandora and the basement studio.