Monday, January 25, 2010

New Curtains

Here is what our new living room curtains will look like. I love the contrast of the black with the "Pale Bamboo" paint. We have some black furniture that the curtains will compliment so well. As I mentioned before, one reason I chose the paint color is because it looks so great with black and red. I have not had new curtains in 20 years so I'm sure excited to have something new and different.
The dining room is done and the living room almost finished. We stripped off wallpaper tonight on the big wall in the hallway. Things are moving right along!


lilylovekin said...

I love the colors you have picked out. Your living room is going to feel so new and fresh you are going to want to do all of your house!

FayeRaye said...

Whew,,,I'm tired just thinking about that walls and the fabric is looking awesome btw! Cant wait to see the black/red accents!! Faye

Beth Anderson said...

Thanks - I am loving it so far and I think we always appreciate it more when we realize the effort we put into it. It is tempting to do the whole house but I think I may run out of steam by then (and money) - LOL! There is always next year.