Sunday, January 17, 2010

Finally Getting Around to Painting

Well, the upside of being just the 2 of us again is we are able to tackle a project we have been putting off. We live in a split level and the main level of the house is in dire need of painting - it's been years!
We finally decided on a color - of course it was the color I chose a week ago and both George and Katie nixed it and chose other colors. George likes Home Depot and he went there to get paint samples - I think it is pretty cool that you can get inexpensive samples - a great test in my opinion. Anyway, the colors they chose (a gray and taupe) just didn't do it. After the sample paint went on we just kept looking at the choices with questioning looks, so he decided to go back and get one more sample - the first color I originally liked! The second it went on the wall we both looked at each other and said yes!

(it is the color on the bottom with some green in it)

Now, why didn't they trust me before? One reason I like the color is I think it goes with our furnishings - we have a lot of wood painted black and a lot of red in the upholstery. When we had just the taupe and gray samples painted on we kept bringing furniture over etc. and nothing seemed to look right. It's that tone of green that brings it all together.

As I said it has been a while since we've painted as you can see by my dated stenciling, which I hate to paint over but, it is dated, and it is time to move on.

We got most of the furniture, paintings, dishes, etc. out today. Being a split level unfortunately all the rooms kind of connect together without defined spaces. I think we are going to paint the main hall wall and connecting upstairs hall-way a complimenting color - what color, I don't know - that decision will come another day!


Kathy said...

I LOVE painting and changing colors. I just went from a khaki color in my living room to GREEN and it is awesome. As soon as we can afford's a bathroom makeover! Your color is great and you will love it! Have fun!

Beth Anderson said...

Thanks Kathy - I know you just went through this yourself recently.

lilylovekin said...

You will love it, we painted our house this fall a color leaving behind the "safe" white walls and I love it. The house feels so alive. Glad you got your choice of colors!

kelleysbeads said...

LOVE the color you chose! My eyes were drawn to that over the others before I even read through your post to see which color you guys picked :)