Thursday, January 7, 2010

Call me Crazy

Call me crazy but I'm going skiing! I have not skied in 30 years but I'm going Saturday! I'm so excited - nervous but excited.

At work they are trying to start a ski club. I decided to sign up. I've wanted to ski again for SO long and I figured what am I waiting for, so I'm doing it. On one hand I'm thinking I'm 53 years old I must be nuts, but why shouldn't I give it a go?

Being in Pennsylvania the skiing is not great - the Pocono Mountains are disappointing compared to New England (where I used to ski all the time) or out west, however for my purposes it will do just fine.
Can you see me grinning???


Kathy said...

Beth that is awesome and not crazy at all! Good for you! Have'll do great!

Angela said...

I can feel you grinning!!

Naomi said...

You sound so excited! Go for the gusto...the skiing gusto, not the falling down gusto....and enjoy!!!


lilylovekin said...

Beth, I hope you had a wonderful time sking. I've been busy with Julie and am only now catching up on what everyone did this weekend.