Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Paint in Daylight

I was able to get a quick pic before work. A good part of the walls are done and George put one coat on the mantle just to show the contrast - I love it! I can't wait till it's done. Doing all the trim and windows will be time consuming but it will look so great when it's done.
We're going to a basketball game tonight, and my Creative Friends party is tomorrow night so I won't be checking in for a couple of days.
Hope you all have a wonderful couple of days.....anxious to catch up with you all on Friday.
The sun is shinning here - life is good!


julie Haymaker thompson said...

WE just painted my aunts living room in a long project of redoing her whole house!! What color is this it is the bESt neutral!!! And do I love neutrals !!!

Kathy said...

I love it! Aren't makeovers wonderful?