Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Not the Way I Planned it!

The only good news today was I could see our paint in the daylight before leaving for work and thought it looked great.....I was happy the sun was shinning!

I got to work and was bomb-barded and got stuck with a project - my boss was traveling and emailed me to get something done which will need to be presented to the Chairman when he is back in the office on Friday. I'm still so new I don't understand the business but am quickly learning my boss delegates a lot to me (which is over my head more times than not).
Thankfully I found someone to help me with the project but it meant putting other work aside. I finished the project at 4:30 PM and then needed to get some other work done - I got what I "had" to get done by 6 PM. All this knowing I had a basketball game to go to.
I could not go :-(

I "won" the tickets for tonight and was really looking forward to going but called George at 4:45 PM to say I could not go, so he asked Brian to go. I know they will have a great night, with incredible seats at a good game, but it is not the way it was supposed to be!
So here I sit alone, eating my scrambled eggs for dinner, with a bottle of beer! I think I deserve this cold refreshing beer!
I work my butt off at this job and it was so annoying the way the day turned out.
Thanks for letting me vent. Thanks for listening!!!


Karen Fields said...

Beth, the paint looks super! Love the fireplace molding. I am getting ready to have my bathroom painted a light spa had wallpaper from the 80's so it should really look transformed. I started to work on it myself but the walls are in bad shape so had to call in a pro to do it...maybe by Friday it will be done! Thank you for your kind comments on my elevator painting. It was a big undertaking but very rewarding.

lilylovekin said...

For starters I like your living room paint. For the second course, I think your new boss is not very nice. It sounds like he is taking advantage of the new kid on the block. I'm sorry you are having such a difficult time and that you had to miss your game. Have a second beer!!!!

Kathy said...

Oh Beth that sucks! After you suck down the beer, then you need to just accept the fact that the day sucked, that it sucked that you missed the game and thank goodness that tomorrow is a new day with a fresh start.

I really don't like it when bosses do things like that, but you have two can be upset and stay upset tomorrow and end up having a crappy day, or you can do your best to put it behind you tonight and start the new day out with a smile and know that it won't always be like that.

It's hard when you have a new job and are still learning and people expect so much of you, but maybe he does that because he has faith in you and believes you are up to the task.

If he is always like that and it you really find it difficult to move past it...maybe he isn't the right boss for you.

Hang in there....hopefully it will all work out.

and by the way, you can vent anytime you like....this is your blog. :)