Monday, January 18, 2010

Creative Friends Challenge

Our "Creatives Friends" group is gathering Thursday night and our challenge since our last get together is to create with a crystal.
My creation is a glizty glittered cone decoration!

One of my personal "rules" in these challenges is not to buy any thing. I created the cone out of an old manilla file folder, covered it with glue and glitter added silver ribbons as the "holder" and added some glittery mesh I gathered, and ribbon, finished off with an old barrete, and suspended my crystal from the bottom! I added some dried roses and my creation is complete!

George did some painting after work today and I love the color. I could not capture any pictures with the bad light but maybe before I leave for work tomorrow.


Kathy said...

What a wonderful creation. It's beautiful and looks like a very expensive piece! Way to go! Can't wait to see the painted walls.

lilylovekin said...

I'm impressed you used stuff around your house. I can never seem to find what I want to create with, and end up buying all new stuff everytime I get ready to make something.