Saturday, January 16, 2010

Escape to the Movies

I know we are all overwhelmed by the tragedy in Haiti - the haunting images and stories make us feel helpless and thankful for the wonderful and safe lives we have. I feel the need to try to escape reality for the moment to get recharged and what better way than with a good movie (or at least thinking about a good movie). Fantasy can be an elixir.

The Golden Globes are tomorrow night which means the Academy Awards will be coming up shortly too. I always try to see a few movies at this time each year that are nominated. I really have not heard much hype this year about nominations but here are a couple of movies I would really like to see (in no particular order) -
Crazy Heart, Up in the Air, The Young Victoria and Invictus

Over the last couple of weeks Katie and I went to the movies and we saw, It's Complicated (which I thoroughly enjoyed and highly recommend), Leap Year, and The Blind Side, otherwise my movie watching has been pretty lacking.

What are some of the movies you've seen or recommend?


Daniel said...

It's off to the movies for us! Thanks for the goading! (We don't go to the movies often enough.)

Beth Anderson said...

Looking forward to your "review" - thanks Daniel!