Sunday, March 14, 2010

My Own "Vintage" Eggs

I know I have mentioned that even as a child I found so much pleasure in being creative. I will always remember the day I made these eggs. I was proably 10 or 11 years old so they must be at least 40 years old by now!
I decided to cover eggs and really challenged myself at an early age with this task. I used real eggs and put pin-pricks at each end and actually blew the liquid out of the eggs.
I covered each egg (a total of 6) with little squares of calico I cut with pinking sheers. There is no finish to these eggs, simply fabric glued onto the shells, however they have lasted these many, many years.
I keep them carefully packed away in an egg carton and marvel at them each spring when I take them out of the carton and enjoy them. These simple eggs have given me so many years of pride and pleasure. I hope you like them too!


lilylovekin said...

How wonderful that you kept these precious eggs all these years. I can see why they meant so much to you. All that work for someone so young. I am so glad you kept them, you will have to give them to your daughter someday.

Karen Fields said...

Beth, these are precious memories for you. So colorful and sweet! Thanks for sharing them.

Kathy said...

Those are awesome Beth! It was hard to blow the insides out of those eggs wasn't it! I remember doing that too.