Monday, March 2, 2009

Creative Girlfriend Weekend – Report After

What a weekend – why did it have to end?
We were in Eagles Mere, PA which is upstate PA in the Allegheny Mountains. It is a little (very little) Victorian town around a beautiful mountain lake. Besides the beauty of it all, it was so much fun - so lazy, and so creative, with huge amounts of good food and drinks, not to mention, my face hurts from laughing!

A couple of the girls have wonderful stashes of items for crafting and they arrived prepared with lots to share. For us fiber-artists, it was like being a kid in a candy store. There were wonderful stashes of sweaters which has been washed and washed until they were beautifully felted, roving, jars of buttons, and beads and most of us spent our time with the wools. I found a vest which I could not bring myself to cut up and I left the weekend with an awesome new vest. I’m not quite finished adding to it, but you get the general idea. Don’t you just love those vintage buttons? If you have any ideas about adding more to my vest I’d love to hear.

We also helped the hostess make a memorable shower curtain for the mountain/lake house we were staying in. She cleverly found old postcards of the area, scanned them and printed them on fabric which we hap-hazardly placed on denim for the curtain.
(Excuse me for being new at this and not automatically thinking I need to take my camera to photograph things or events I might be blogging about, but I guess that will become second nature after a while.) I hope I’ll be able to report next year about our 2nd weekend getaway, and do a better job with pictures.

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