Thursday, May 7, 2009

Cheers! Is it 5:00 PM Yet?

I wish it was 5:00 PM – I need a nice glass of wine – LOL! I guess I could pretend I’m in another time zone?!

I went for my testing today. I can’t believe this company is being so diligent, and I have not even had an interview yet! Anyway, the other day I received a link to a test which was to measure one’s logic. I felt like I was taking the SATs or Boards - the questions, and graphs, and charts, etc.! I spent a couple of grueling hours completing that, and hoped the worst was behind me. Then today in the HR department I was given a vocabulary test, a spelling test and a math test, without a calculator! I must admit we are in a bad place when we rely so heavily on automation to do the work for us. I was stumped and could not do some of the multiplication and division – it’s been more than 30 years since I’ve had to do math without a calculator and I totally could not think! Then, last but not least, I had to complete some Microsoft testing! It was quite a day. Like I said, I could really use a glass of wine – come on 5:00 PM!
Actually, the martini in the picture looks awfully inviting…………..
Thank goodness I’m laughing!

Cheers my friends!


Lorelei said...

the way I look at it, it's probably 5:00 somewhere!!
Get that glass, I'll pour the vino! CHEERS!!


Angela said...

Drink up!! You deserve it after all the test taking!

julie Haymaker thompson said...

hope it was a wonderful glass of what ever. Boy you are really being tried in the fire!!! Julie

lilylovekin said...

I know you are enjoying that well deserved glass of wine. Maybe you should make it two!