Monday, May 4, 2009


What a dreary Monday it is - rain, rain and more rain. Besides that freakish heat wave last week, we have had a dreary, gray spring. At least the dreary gray and wet weather does lead to beautiful lush foliage. Since I can't get outside to photograph nature at it's best I've decided to photograph nature inside. I'm amazed how lovely this old girl (my African Violet)looks every year. She must be well over 20 years old but keeps growing and showing year after year. I don't give any special attention to this plant either. I water her once a week and that's it. She sits in a window that gets early morning sun - a combination of little direct and lots of indirect sun, and she truly thrives.

Since it is so dreary I'm having trouble photographing my latest piece for my Etsy shop. I've taken so many pictures but I'm only just barely happy with a couple of them. I can't decide if I should add to my shop anyway or wait. The forecast is for more gray weather so if I wait it might be a few days. Decisions, decisions!

I did have another interview today with a new company. I liked this one too. Yeah. I'm feeling good cause at least I'm on the right road and making some headway now.


julie Haymaker thompson said...

How do you grow them I have never had any luck Maybe the climate I live in is just to dry.Keep us posted on the job ..

sharon said...

Continued well wishes with the job search. Great looking pic!

lilylovekin said...

A plant that has been alive for 20 years that is amazing and a little scary!