Thursday, May 28, 2009

Potted Flower and Bees

Oh my gosh, it's Thursday already! Time sure flies when there is a holiday week.

I took my 4 Seasons pillow to the local shop today and Jane loved it - Yeah!
I also took a few other goodies (like my flower and bees) and a few of my stitched pieces from the Etsy shop. I'll be working there next Saturday and the following Saturday too. It is such a lovely shop and a nice diversion which I'm looking forward to.


Lorelei said...

HEY! I don't remember seeing those bees in your shop! They are tooo cute!

Angela said...

That is super cute! I love the little bees! In the past I worked on and off at a gift shop when the owner went on vacation or just wanted a day off. I loved it! Always so nice and quiet and so many pretty things to look at all day. said...

hi Beth...
love the four season pillow..
and the cute bumble bee..
this glassy girl love rughooking
have a great weekend
mona & the girls

Marie Patterson Studio said...

If those bees come back into your Etsy shop, let me know!

Beth Anderson said...

Thank you all for loving my bees so much. They weren't in my Etsy shop (removed some cross stitch for the local shop) but due to the response they are drawing I'll have to make some more and add them.

Appreciate the great feedback my friends.