Monday, May 18, 2009


Our first has graduated! Wow!
It was a wonderful weekend - we were very proud and it was a lovely and emotional ceremony.
I am glad Brian is trying his independence by staying out in Cincinnati. As a parent I can't help but have a little bit of concern since he does not have a job yet, but it's all on him now. In one sense, we've crossed a parenting threshold and there is no turning back. It is a different feeling now having him gone after graduating rather than when he was gone while he was a student. I guess it should not feel different but it does - it is a feeling of finality.
Wednesday I'll be going to Massachusetts to get my daughter after her last exam so she will be home till September. Life marches on!


julie Haymaker thompson said...

This is a big thing!!! You should be proud as a mama duck!! (they always look so proud to me when they have all their babies following them). To get a child through college!!! Whoa !!!!I am so proud of all my friends that have done that. This weekend such a big graduation weekend . I will light a " finding and getting a good job" candle of everyone today . Hugs Julie

Tommye said...

Beth, You've done your job well. Congratulations to the whole family.

lilylovekin said...

Job well done! You have a lovely family. Enjoy the summer with your daughter. Your son will be fine!