Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Matthew, Mark, Luke and John

Matthew Mark Luke and John
The bed be blest that I lie on
Four Angels to my bed
Four Angels round my head

This is my latest addition to my Etsy shop. I think the verse is so sweet. It is my interpretation of The Four Angels sampler by Hester's Sisters. I used the angel motif in their pattern and part of the original verse, and I added a strawberry border on 3 sides and made it into a pillow, loosely stuffing it in keeping it with a very primitive home-crafted look.

According to the pattern, the verse is attributed to Thomas Ady in England around 1656. It is believed this was the origin of the popular children's pray, now I lay me down to sleep......


lorrie Isaacs said...

What a sweet sentiment I love the strawberry border. Have a nice day.

julie Haymaker thompson said...

OH I love this . Beth we found a fabulous shop her in Mesa AZ that you would just die to visit. If you ever visit Az. Let me know because you will want to go in. As I said my siser is a needle work artist and loved cross stitch but has stopped because it is to hard on her eye and she was just drolling in this shop. It is all classic sampler patterns Just up you alley and hers too. Can not think on the name right now. Oh P.S. my sister is lilylovekin Oh I see she just stopped by..I am the little sister so I tag around after her- tee hee

Beth Anderson said...

Julie - I know you and Lorrie are sisters and I love following both of you. You are both so talented. Gosh I wished we all lived close by!
The cross stitch is straining my eyes too but I'm "suffering" through it. Guess eventually I'll need to switch back to rug hooking but I'm having too much fun right now.
I sure will let you know if I'm ever in AZ. I'd love to meet you and love to go to that fabulous shop.
Thanks my friend!