Sunday, June 7, 2009

Home Sweet Home (for the birds)

I was sitting on the patio having a cocktail enjoying a moment of peace before dinner and captured one of our current house wren families in action. What is so special about this particular family is the house they have taken up residence in is sitting on a shelf right over our dining table on the patio!

We've always had lots of bird houses in the yard and surrounding the patio however never one right on the patio. They are most often occupied by house wrens too. I decided to move the birdhouse this spring so it was more protected since it has weathered quite a bit, thinking it would just be decorative on the patio. Lo and behold, a couple of house wrens have taken up residence in the little weathered cottage.
I just noticed tiny bird noises for the first time yesterday so I know the babies have hatched. The wrens will remain extremely busy till their brood is ready to fly from the nest.
I was able to capture one of the parents poking its head out ready to fly (the 2nd picture) and another of one of the mama or papa arriving with some food (the first picture).


Lorelei said...

We have a bird house gourd, on the front porch. We had a couple of Chicadees coming and going for weeks and weeks creating their little comfy palace inside. About a week ago, Joe said he had heard the babies inside, twittering loudly whenever the parents would come and go.
Today Joe mentioned that he hadn't see the chicadees coming and going the whole time he was sitting outside. So we looked into the gourd, and they were all gone. :(
I hope that they just got big enough and flew the nest, I hope they didn't get eaten by another predator. I don't know how they could have gotten inside of it but I guess you just never know.
All I know is, I'm so sad that our little friends are gone. IT was so nice having them around.
Enjoy your wrens!

julie Haymaker thompson said...

OHHHHHHHHH I love this time of year. Thanks for this post!!!! Julie