Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Jade Plants

I got these great cuttings from my friend Peg. She has 3 incredible jade plants in her lovely solarium/breakfast room. One is over 3 feet tall in a huge pot on the floor, and one is in a shallow dish on her dining table, and the 3rd is the miniature variety which I had never seen before.

I have not had a jade plant since college and I was delighted to get the cuttings. I think they look so pretty in the little cordial glasses on my kitchen window sill. I'm hoping they will root so I can plant them. I did a little on-line research and only found information about putting a leaf directly into soil and propagating that way. I did not see anything about putting a cutting into water - does anyone know or have any advice?

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lilylovekin said...

Beth, I'm sorry I can't help you re: info about the jade plant. But I agree with you they look lovely in the glasses in your window sill. I guess I would enjoy them while you can. And hopefully they will sprout.