Monday, June 8, 2009

New Stitching

I had a productive weekend - stitched the "liberty" and pin keep over the weekend and put them together yesterday afternoon. I did not do a thing last night - almost feel guilty. You know, busy hands........

When I took my car for an oil change last week I drove 10 minutes further after to a great cross stitch shop (which I had not been to in ages) and picked up a few new patterns. I so much prefer stitching in the warmer weather because rug hooking is so bulky and hot with all of that wool.
I need to get stitching on a new piece.


sharon said...

Very pretty Beth!!

I think the bead shop I went to might be very close to you, it's in Phoenixville, which is where my girlfriend lives,(sort's called Oaks), and it just opened. I'm not sure when, but their grand
opening WAS sat....I missed that of course but I was there on sun.
It's the Potomac Bead Co. on Bridge Street in Phoenixville, and I thought it was outstanding. There website is nothing like the store. There is so much in the store you have to go see, and you can by pieces too, instead of whole strands. Check it out if you can!

lilylovekin said...

I always love going to a good store, Its like Christmas walking in and seeing all the new patterns and displays. I'm glad you treated yourself to something besides a boring oil change.