Sunday, August 9, 2009

Crowded House!

Does it look rather crowded? My son just moved back from Cincinnati last night. We just dumped everything in the living room and I have a feeling it is going to look like that for a while. He was living in Cincinnati after graduating in May and was unable to find a job out there - I feel bad cause he really wanted to stay there. Thankfully, as far as jobs are concerned, he did get a job at Villanova University (about 10 minutes away from us) running their intramural sports program. The job starts tomorrow!

The downside is, the pay is low and it is a 9-month position, however I can't help but think getting his foot in the door at someplace like Villanova will lead to connections and perhaps something permanent. Since the pay is so low I don't think he'll be able to get an apartment with friends like he is hoping to do. He is certainly not happy about having to move back with his parents. We will have to see what happens, but for the moment he is with us and we are jammed in. Thank goodness he left/or sold his futon, desk and mini refrigerator, cause where the heck would they fit????

I worked last week in the local shop so my friend could take the week off. It was really dull and slow but it was a diversion and I did get to work on some stitching while the shop was customer-free. I felt bad for her to have to pay me (she was losing money) to be there when two days there were no sales, and one day I only sold candle, but thankfully I did sell a floor lamp and a few other things yesterday.

I did not work Thursday when I had my 2nd interview. I'm hoping to get positive news for the next steps tomorrow or Tuesday. I'm getting anxious but I'm feeling good.


Kathy said...

Oh my! Even when mine comes for jut a visit there seems to be "stuff" everywhere. No idea what I would do if someone moved back here! Yikes!

I think you are right about getting his foot in the door. If the hours permit, maybe he could find a part time job so he can move in with his friends. My youngest was working 3 jobs just to be able to live in Telluride.

Where there is a will, there is a way. He'll figure it out.

Hope you get good news this week!

lilylovekin said...

Your living room looks like my 2nd bedroom that is also my studio. And I don't have the excuse of a son coming home to live with me!

Lorelei said...

looks like a tornado hit!!
But your house looks lovely, from what I can see of it!

It'll clear out over time, hang in there!

sharon said...

I bet it is still good to have him home, mess and all! Hope your interview works out!!

Beth Anderson said...

just one of those annoyances that we will get through. It is nice to have him (but I don't think he feels the same).
Lorrie your 2nd bedroom/studio sounds like you know just where everything is - LOL!

Ces said...

Hello beth,

Thank you for stopping by my blog. The peaches came from South carolina, they are absolutely sweet and juicy.

Oh my! Your living room looks like mine did last week until I tidied it up. Mine was not caused by my children but my art supplies.

I hope you work situation will improve and I hope that your son will find a much more satisfactory position. This economic situation is turning everyone's lives inside out and over and under. I know several friends who are searching for jobs and I hope that soon they will find the employment they deserve and need.

Regards and good luck!

Angela said...

I feel for him. I remember having to move back in with my parents for a year when I graduated. It sucked at the time...but now I look back on it as a really good time. I hope things work out for both of you.

Silke said...

Hi Beth, it sure sounds like there's a lot happening in your life, all new beginnings. I am sure things will be good for your son in his new job and lead to other, bigger things. And hopefully you'll get some great new regarding your job! You'll have to keep us updated...:) Silke

julie Haymaker thompson said...

He is one lucky son to have you!! and lucky to have a job for 9 months. That buys a lot of time and who knows... They may want him longer, as I am sure if he is a son of yours he is fab!!