Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Swimming Along

The lazy days of August - perfect for fishing! I hooked this piece 2 years ago and thought why not share it and offer it in my Etsy shop rather than keeping it hidden away in a box. This was one of my first pieces experimenting with other materials such as ribbons and bright yarns on the tail fin, rather than just wool.

I have never fished or have a love of fishing but for some reason I love to hook fish. I've probably hooked at least a half dozen of them, hooking both primitive and bright colored fish. They are a fun subject matter. I decided to add air bubbles to this rather than hooking a wave effect which I tend to do with my fish.

This fish looks happy to me, like he is just enjoying his swim. I'm beginning to feel that way too - interview #3 is scheduled for Friday. I know it is a good, positive sign!

And, last but not least, check out this sweet give-away by Laurie Lausen on her blog, woolyredrug-prairiesedgeprimitives.


Tommye said...

Beautiful piece, Beth. I'm with you on the fishing thing...don't do it, but they're great for bright colors and funky fibers. Coincidentally, I just finished pics of scissor fob with a "happy" fish. Can't wait to list it!


Beth Anderson said...

Can't wait to see the happy fish Tommye

Silke said...

Beth, this is a gorgeous piece of art! I love the colors and the fun composition!! Hugs, Silke

Beth Anderson said...

thanks Silke!