Thursday, August 20, 2009

Vacation #2 to Italy (Florence and Tuscany)

I'm still feeling nostalgic and missing traveling, especially missing Italy! It was 2 years ago that we took this trip. I hope you don't mind me sharing my 2nd Italian adventure with you. As I mentioned, we had such a good time that my sister immediately started talking Italy again and she and her husband booked a villa in Tuscany and invited all of us back again! When opportunity knocks..........
Speaking of opportunity, we had luck with us with our flight over - we ended up flying over in business class rather than coach. My brother-in-law does a lot of flying on a particular airline and on the date of our departure over to Pisa, the plane was not completely sold out and only a few seats in business class were occupied. The attendant approached my brother-in-law and stated that they would like to move his family into business class - he said there were others traveling with him, the airline said no problem and we all got moved into business class!!! That was like being spoiled like you would not believe - what a pleasure!

Upon arrival into Pisa we headed over to the leaning tower which was an incredible sight, and then drove over to Florence first. We spent the first 3 nights in Florence and then went out to the Tuscan countryside.
Oh Florence - what a dreamy little city. I just adored everything about it.

This is the view from our hotel

and pictures in Florence -

Katie and I beside a cool sporty Alpha Romeo

Tuscany was lovely - everything you would imagine it to be however we liked Umbria better. Umbria was just as beautiful but much less crowded.
These next 2 pictures are in Sienna -

Scenes from Tuscany-

Thank goodness for memories and photographs.
If you have never been, I would highly recommend Italy. It is a wonderful and beautiful country. The people are friendly, the scenery spectacular and the food out of this world!

By the way, my profile picture was taken in Tuscany!

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