Thursday, August 27, 2009

Great American Suffragettes

I have a new follower - actually a have a couple of new followers in the last week and I truly mean it when I say, I love you all and are SO delighted you find me interesting enough to spend some time with me. I think you are ALL amazing, and thank you all for choosing to spend a couple minutes of your day with me!

Anyway, this new individual creates (among other things) wonderful American Suffragette figures which I think are so different and so special that I wanted to share them with you. Her name is Lenae May and she is a mixed media fiber artist. You have to see some of her fabulous works of art. I just love everything she does! Stop by her blog for a treat!

I love mixed media and have dabbled in it myself. A couple of you faithful friends out there are also very talented mixed media artists and I know your art was what initially attracted me to your blog. There is just something so expressive about mixed media art!

Don't ya just love these whimsical suffragettes? Thank you Lenae May for stopping by my blog and for sharing your talent with us.


Virginia Harris said...

Hi Beth

I do love these suffragette figures - they are just beautiful but it is sad that we as a society are so poorly educated about the heroic leaders of the British and American women's suffrage movements, that this artist has completely confused the two.

While these are labeled American suffragettes, they are for the most part, British suffragettes.

British or American, the women in the photographs on these figurines were real heroines, worthy of being referred to by their real names, rather than made-up names.

Would we call a figurine of Martin Luther King, Jr., Arnold? Or of George Washington, Daniel?

I think not.

I am the author of a historical novel, The Privilege of Voting, that depicts the true stories of the British and American suffragette leaders, focusing on the final eight years of the decades-long organized struggle that was waged on both sides of the Atlantic.

I love the concept of these dolls, and was so excited when I saw it, but I am disappointed that these dolls do not identify or accurately portray the affiliations of the real women who gave so much of their lives to win 'votes for women.'

Virginia Ann Harris

Beth Anderson said...

Thank you for stopping by Virginia.
I'm so sorry my ignorance and whimsical pleasure in seeing these artistic interpretations and sharing them in my blog has caused concern to you or to any other reader.

They simply provided pleasure to me, and my appreciation for the artistic interpretations they represent which I wanted to share with others.
It was a tumultuous time and I am grateful for our ancestors' struggle and persistence in guaranteeing our voice to be heard.
Thank you for your informative response and for your dedication to history and educating us all.

julie Haymaker thompson said...

I LOve leana work too . Envious of the bead show but Boy to I get carried away when I go Hey darling email me about the Interview if you have heard anything. Hugs Julie

Lenae May said...

Thanks so much Beth for posting my Great American Suffragettes! I would like to mention a couple of things about the above comment by Virginia Harris. I know that some of these were British. With a project like this, the intention was not to disrespect the individuals by any means but focus on the over all movement. Assigning Faux names to a couple of them seemed the better choice rather than taking their real names. Since I started this project...I have developed a far more personal respect for these real women and what they did. I assure you no intended disrespect was ever my intention.
I have favored projects lately stimulating a passion for our nation and her history.

Anonymous said...