Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Lucky Day - Lovely Earrings!

Well, I might have had to work yesterday but I was highly rewarded for my efforts (sort of). Look at these lovely earrings I won!
Aren't they beautiful? They remind me of Snow and Ice!
Kathy Hardy of DornickDesigns was offering a give-away on her blog and I happened to be the lucky winner!
Check out Kathy's shop - she has some great designs and I'm a big fan of her unique jewelry!
Thanks Kathy, or should I say Ozzy, who picked my name as the winner.

These Snow and Ice earrings are a perfect compliment to my winter. After the ton of snow we've gotten now the side effects start.
There is so much snow and ice built up on the roof that the gutters are iced over with 6-8 inches of solid ice. We woke last night in the middle of the night to hear "drip, drip, drip" and found ice was dripping in between our storm and inside window over our bed. It builds up and has no where to go. The worst case scenario is it will build up inside the window and start seeping into the house down the interior wall under the window. This happened once before in our living room and I am really hoping it does not happen this time in our bedroom. We have towels in between the windows and we will have to get up every couple of hours tonight to change the towels hoping to prevent the worst.
George got out on a ladder this morning trying to get some of it off the roof but is is solid and not budging. We're hoping for some sun to help melt it and loosen it a little but mostly cloudy days are predicted. Darn.
Oh what a winter!


Angela said...

That is the perfect thing for you to win!! They will remind you of your snowy winter for years to come!

Kathy said...

That ice is nasty. I was enjoying our gigantic icicles and Irv had to knock them down so it wouldn't back up and cause leaking. :(

Hope yours is okay! Cute earrings!

lilylovekin said...

Those earrings are just lovely. I do love pearls they are my favorite. Hope you keep up with the ice, what a terrible problem.

Lori said...

The earrings are lovely.

Also, loved your joke!

Silke said...

Oh, I love those earrings! So pretty and unique!! You are such a lucky woman! I hope all works out well with the snow and ice. That's one thing we don't have to deal with here and I am grateful. I remember very, very cold and snowy winters from when we lived in Michigan... Sending your warm hugs! Silke