Thursday, February 18, 2010

Vintage Destash

A couple of my blogging friends have talked about vintage and thrift shops, both of which I love. I'd much rather go to a thrift shop than go to the mall.

Anyway, I've decided to sell a couple of my pillows that have been in a blanket chest for years. Why keep them "boxed" up right?
Long before I started rug hooking I did needlepoint.
I moved from needlepoint to a little bit of crewel, and then cross stitch. I still love cross stitching and do stitch from time to time.

My favorite is the simple brown Jacobean flower in cross stitch.

This Foo Dog pattern was one my Mom picked out - never really my style but she always loved Oriental patterns.

I have a couple more pillows I will list in my Etsy shop too. I hope someone will appreciate them.


Silke said...

These are gorgeous, Beth! You must be the most patient person to do all that needlework. I love the colors of the Foo Dog pillow! Wonderful!! Love, Silke

Tommye said...

beautiful pieces, Beth. I feel like somebody should enjoy them rather than leave them in the box. I hope they find good homes. :)