Saturday, February 20, 2010

What Happened??? Where Did All This Good Luck Come From?

I'm still jumping up and down in my chair - I can't believe it. How did all this luck fall on me?
First a beautiful pair of earrings, and now I'm the incredibly lucky winner of a painting from Silke!
Silke Powers, of Metamorphosis generously opened up a give-away for 2 (yes, 2) of her incredible paintings, and I won one of them!
This is just incredible. I've never won anything and now twice in one week. Maybe I should play the lottery!
Seriously, I am so honored and so happy to be the recipient of one of these lovely paintings from a beautiful and talented artist, and friend.
Thank you Silke!


Silke said...

I'm so happy you are one of the winners - we've been blog friends for so long!! And, yes, play the lottery - it's your lucky time... Love, Silke

Kathy said...

Oh my gosh! Congratulations. I love her paintings!!!! Chee Hoo! Be sure to take a picture of it hanging in your house!

Beth Anderson said...

Thanks Silke - you're a Sweetheart!
Like Kathy said, I'll have to take a picture of it hanging in my house!

Angela said...