Sunday, February 21, 2010

Peaceful Sunday

It was a nice Sunday. After a morning of doing some much neglected cleaning I had a nice afternoon. My son, Brian, came for a visit. I asked him yesterday what he wanted for dinner and he said meatballs - meaning meatball sandwiches or subs. I got a big pot of meatballs cooking and when he arrived he joined me in the kitchen while I baked him some cookies. Yummy - chocolate, chocolate chip with pecans!
It was a nice afternoon and he was appreciative.
We sent him home with leftovers, and 2 bags of groceries!
Now I'm back to my evening distraction - watching the Olympics!


Angela said...

Meatballs and Chocolate cookies- sound so delish!!

You know, I love days like the one you just described.

Silke said...

It doesn't get much better than that, does it?! I could use some of those cookies just about now... Love, Silke

Lorelei said...

send some of those cookies to me in florida wouldya??

Beth Anderson said...

Wish I could send you all some cookies! Yum they are good and I don't want to keep eating them!

Kathy said...

Why is it that every blog I look at today has food all over it? I might have to treat myself to something not on the healthy eating list tonight! :)