Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Candy Corn

Opps! I did not find time to make my pumpkin pillows that I hooked this weekend but I added Candy Corn to my Etsy shop!

I had a breakfast meeting with a neighbor who is starting a new division and has a green light to hire 3 individuals. Turned out to be a very positive meeting. Dare I hope?
Now I need to do my prep work for my next interview tomorrow.

Priorities.....those pumpkins will just have to wait.


lilylovekin said...

Poor little pumpkins---but I think they will understand. Good luck. Lorrie

Tommye said...

Love the candy corn!

Chrissie Grace said...

Oh my...these are soooo cute!

Kathy said...

Oh those are so cute.

Don't prepare too much....just be your wonderful charming self. When the right job finds you...it will be yours! :)

Chee Hoo!!

Beth Anderson said...

thanks Kathy and everyone for your nice comments.

Lenae May said...

OOhhh! your candy corn is adorable! Perfectly clever for the up coming Autumn events!