Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Silly Little Swap Project

My silly little swap project is not doing it for me! I don't know if it is because I did not like the subject matter (starfish) or because it has been so long since I have hooked anything, but it is just not doing it for me.
I'm going to my annual rug hooking at the beach (Long Beach Island, NJ) at Annie's house with the annual gang of hookers on Friday, and our swap project was a starfish. I've had a year to come up with the idea/finished product and I just started it 3 nights ago. From the beginning I could not visualize anything in my head. I'm thinking it is just not a subject my brain wanted to work with. I love hooking fish, but the idea of a starfish just was a total blank.

Looking at it now, it almost reminds me of Patrick on Sponge Bob - oh no! Does anyone else see Patrick - LOL?
Oh well, this is not one of my better designs but we all have our better and inferior pieces don't we?
I'm anxious to see what I win in the swap!

Yesterday was encouraging. I actually got a preliminary phone call about a job. Hopefully they will call back for an interview and hopefully that was the first of more calls I'll receive.


Kathy said...

I think he's cute!! Thinking positive thoughts for you in your job hunt!

Lenae May said...

EEEK! I love your new project!
Last night I was picturing a feather tree or white christmas tree covered with a variety of sizes and shades of yellows stars!
Goodness I love your craft!