Thursday, September 10, 2009

Welcome the New Season, Friendship, and Hook-in

Since I mentioned the other day we are in a new season, I was inspired to welcome autumn with my swirled pumpkin stitching. I think it is sweet and I'm happy with it.

I want to thank you all for your encouraging words and prayers. You all mean so much to me and I do realize my life is good and I'm lucky to be loved!

I was so touched by my special friend Lori Eurto, a very talented jewelry designer - I blogged about seeing her recently at the bead show with Kelley Wenzel, who makes beautiful lamp work beads. We were looking at Kelley's beautiful beads and I picked up a gorgeous green elongated bead and told Kelley I loved it. She told me to take it (wow) and Lori said she would take it and use it in a piece of jewelry for me. Well, lo and behold, Lori being the incredibly generous friend she is, made a necklace for me with Kelley's bead, and made the necklace as a special gift to cheer me and give me encouragement to be strong and press on after my recent defeat!
I received the package today and was totally blow away - in addition to the necklace Lori added a pair of earrings she knew I liked, and it was all beautifully packaged with a lovely note.

I just love the necklace and the originality of it. You can see Kelley's lovely bead and I love that Lori chose the tree pendant - it speaks to me of life and strength.
THANK YOU Lori (and Kelley for that special bead).

I'm leaving for the beach (Long Beach Island, NJ) tomorrow for the "annual hooking at the beach" so I won't have time to blog. The forecast does not look good but who cares. It's the creative togetherness that matters. Chilly rain and wind are predicted for tomorrow, ending Saturday. Maybe Sunday morning we will see the sun before we go.
I hope the sun is shining for you - have a great weekend.


Lorelei said...

enjoy them!! love ya!! have a great time...

Tommye said...

What a beautiful gift from two wonderful friends. You are blessed...and so am I. I really enjoy your blog and I know the job thing will happen when the right one opens up.

Angela said...

The weather sounds perfect for being inside creating with good friends!!

I love that necklace and it was just such a sweet thing for them to do!

Kathy said...

The necklace is awesome. I love that tree pendant! Aren't people wonderful? How cool of them to think of you like that. You are so lucky! Have a wonderful day at the beach.

Beth Anderson said...

I knew you all would love the necklace!

Is it Friday yet? I can't wait to go!