Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Happy Fall

Colors are just beginning to burst!
Dogwoods (last picture) are always the first and our Dogwoods are in full color, but nothing beats a Sugar Maple (first 2 pictures) which is just starting to explode with color.
Spring is a lovely season but nothing in comparison to fall in my opinion.
I just love this season.
Happy first day of Fall!


lilylovekin said...

Beth, Fall is my favorite time of year also. I can't wait for it to cool down here so we can enjoy it.

Kathy said...

I love fall! There is nothing like it. I remember when my son went to school in Winona, MN. We would drive up to watch him play fall soccer. You drive over the Mississippi and the view of the trees on the approaching bluffs would just take my breath away.

No, there is nothing like fall!

The pictures are awesome!

Beth Anderson said...

Oh I'm sure it was beautiful Kathy. I remember driving out to Ohio mid-October to visit our son and driving through the Allegheny Mountains in western PA were indescribably beautiful.
We're heading to upstate NY the 3rd week in October this year but unfortunately we will be on the latter side of the foliage peaking.

julie Haymaker thompson said...

When I grew up in michigan we lived on a dirt road lined with maples. In the spring when the people came to tap the maples, we called them the sap suckers. I have not lived in a place that has maples in over 22 years.