Sunday, September 20, 2009

Lovely Weekend with Fall Knocking at the Door

What a beautiful day and a beautiful weekend. No humidity, bright sunshine and temps around 70 degrees. It is unusual to have such a perfect day, and we've had 2 in a row!
It's distracting - I feel the need to be out.
As you can see fall is trying to step right in - our Sugar Maples are tuning.

Even my beautiful Hydrangeas are welcoming fall. They look so beautiful in the middle of summer and still look lovely in their final hours as their colors are fading and drying out.

I hope you all are having a lovely weekend too.


Angela said...

I thought those leaves were fake! Such pretty colors! Everything is still green here...and its still pretty hot.

lilylovekin said...

Your maple leaves are gorgeous, oh how I miss the maple trees. I grew up in Michigan and they were beautiful. CA. is great but I miss the wonderful autumns like you have on the east coast.

Beth Anderson said...

We do have beautiful autumns in this area, due to the lovely trees we have. It really is such a lovely area and I adore the full change of seasons we have.
Yep, Angela - they are real leaves!

Kathy said...

The leaves are beautiful! I love fall so much. There is just something about it that makes me feel so awesome!

sharon said...

Beautiful photo Beth of the chair and the leaves!!

julie Haymaker thompson said...

We are still in the 90's and 100's here in Scottsdale .It is so hard to see that fall is in the air on others blogs. But it is. I must get gearing up of Halloween Art everyone is doing such fun stuff!!