Monday, September 21, 2009

Toothy Jack!

Gotta love this guy with his unabashed toothy grin!
I actually hooked him last year but decided to share him and list him in my Etsy shop.
I put him out on my weathered chair where I took those much admired shots of the lovely Sugar Maple leaves. I think he looks quite happy there!

I'm feeling good today! It was a really good day and my confidence is building.
Happy Monday and Happy Fall!


Silke said...

Oh, he's wonderful! Love those huge teeth!! Glad you are feeling good and are enjoying fall coming to your area of the country. Not much of that here yet... Hugs, Silke

sharon said...

Really nice Beth, you are so exceptional art your artform!! He is fantastic!

Angela said...

I am glad you had a great day!

lilylovekin said...

I don't know what pumpkin I love most, they are all so cute. Your upbeat attitude is wonderful.

Beth Anderson said...

Thanks everyone for your compliments and your kind words.
I think I just may be finally walking on the right path to that door that is going to open for me.