Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A Good Tuesday

I've made it through day 7 and actually came home for 2 days now headache free! Yeah, maybe I'm over the hump! I am feeling better about what I'm doing on the job too - phew!

It was also a good day cause I had 2 sales on Etsy. I "almost" pulled my pumpkins last night thinking no one will buy them now since Halloween is on Saturday but 2 mini pumpkins sold today! The customer lives in a neighboring state so I assume they will arrive by Friday at the latest.

I just added my "Sweet Nothing" stitched owl to the shop. I hooked him last month and forgot all about him.
I need to start hooking - hopefully I can get myself in a groove to start hooking at least an hour every night. I used to be able to work full time and hook enough to have inventory for shows so I know I can do it again! I have a home tour show I'm participating in coming up the first weekend in December yikes - I need to hook!!!


Kathy said...

That little owl is so cute and good for you to be adjusting so nicely to the new job. That's not an easy thing to do. It took me a while when I changed jobs last time.

Lenae May said...

Hi Beth!
Adorable Sweet Nothing! I'm glad yo hear the new job is going well. New stuff always has its wrinkles doesn't it :)
I'm up trashing my studio working on a fun green stocking. Mistletoe something with be the title of it. It's so thick my hands are cramping turning it right side out...yeesh!
Take care!..Lenae

kelleysbeads said...

Yay for staying headache free and settling into the new gig. I'm so happy for you :)

lilylovekin said...

Beth I'm glad you are having a good week with no headaches. Thank you so much for your kind comments,they made me feel better. Lorrie

Angela said...

Happy to hear about you headache free days and the Etsy sales!

Never pull your pumpkins! Just put them on the last page of your shop. I did this with my Christmas ornaments and ended up selling a few all year long.

You never know when the ultimate pumpkin lover will stumble upon your shop!

Lucid Moon Studio said...

Hi Beth! I'm glad you are starting to adjust to your new job! I am too, but I'm not working as much as you, so it has been a little easier for me to adjust. Definitely keep your pumpkins...they would even look cute displayed for Thanksgiving! In fact, I think you should make more mini ones because they are so cute!!

Hope you finish the week headache-free!


Chrissie Grace said...

Hi Beth
I'm glad your pumpkings sold. I can't wait to see what you make for Christmas.
I'm glad you are adjusting to your new schedule!:)

Silke said...

I knew you'd adjust to your new job quickly!! So glad that the headaches have stopped and that you feel like making more of your wonderful creations!! Congrats on your sales!!! Hugs, Silke