Friday, October 23, 2009

TGIF and Fall Foliage

We are peaking in Southeastern PA with our fall foliage. It is a beautiful explosion of color. These are all views out of my bedroom window. Sorry they aren't too clear.

This is our big sugar maple in the back yard that has lost all of it's leaves already. It seems to be one of the first to drop. I love the look of the burning bushes over our neighbor's fence. You may remember I mentioned we lost our tree in the front yard - it was even bigger than this tree. It was so beautiful and I really miss it.

We're driving up to Saratoga Springs NY tomorrow to see our daughter row in the "Head of the Fish" regatta. I think it may have already peaked up that way since it is so much further north. It is also supposed to be raining all day tomorrow. I guess I won't be able to get any pictures - darn - it is such a pretty area.
Katie rows for UMass and this is the only fall regatta we will get to. One of the reasons we make it a point to go to this one is just to be able to go to Saratoga Springs!
I'm also excited to see my good friend Lori Eurto who lives in upstate NY. She is going to drive over to meet us for lunch and stop at one of her favorite bead shops.

Now I can say TGIF! I came home exhausted again today, and with another headache. What's wrong with me? I think probably part of it is the stress of the new job. I need to get back in the groove again. I sure hope I adjust soon.
Hope you all have a nice weekend.


Angela said...

Yeah, it's probably just stress. In a month, this will all be behind you and it will be just another day at the office. :)

Kathy said...

Have a great weekend. It sounds wonderful. It might be not only from the stress, but maybe you are sitting at a desk and you haven't been doing that. My upper back and neck get tight and then I get a headache. Try to stretch and move around a bit. I'm sure it will get better. It's a big change for you and your body!

Hang in there!

lilylovekin said...

Hang in there Beth this first week must have been tough. I'm sure it will get easier. Although you may often come home on Friday night with a headache after a full weeks work-I often do! Enjoy your well deserved weekend off it sounds like fun.

Lenae May said...

I think we are tipping just pass full color here in Michigan. My beautiful red maple tree leaves are now on the ground. Think spring..haha

Silke said...

First weeks are so hard, Beth. I bet your head is just on information overload - naps are a good cure for that... Those photos are just wonderful!! Enjoy your weekend, dear friend!! Love, Silke

julie Haymaker thompson said...

nothing like upsate NY. I spent one of the best 6 weeks of my life at an art retreat there about 16 years ago!! I think in some wasy it changed my life