Friday, October 16, 2009


This picture was taken Wednesday when the weather was nice. Yesterday and today have been cold (40 degrees) and lots of rain. This weather is too cold for this time of year.

I say TGIF for you all in the working world, and I'm almost there with you! Can't believe I start on Monday!
As much as I have wanted this it will be a difficult transition. I worked at the same company for 27 years. It is not going to be easy to start somewhere else - 27 years with the same company, and then 8 1/2 month of the stress of unemployment.
I'm ready though, and know it will be an adjustment, but I also know I will do just fine.
Yesterday I was actually invited to lunch at my new company - isn't that nice??? I don't think that I mentioned that I am an Executive Assistant and will be supporting the SVP of Sales and Marketing. He asked 2 other Assistants to have lunch with me to help make the transition a little easier. They were nice as could be and I know this is right. I got to see where my desk/workstation is too.
I really am getting excited - a little nervous, but a lot excited, and READY!

Oh get this - I got a call from a recruiter about another job today! HA! I got to say, sorry, I've accepted another offer!

I got together with my creative friends last night. I wish I had a picture of my favorite creation with the glass slipper but I'll try to describe it to you - it was a Cinderella theme creation. She took a "Golden Years" Cinderella book (remember those little Golden Years books) drilled a hole in the center and put a clock onto it (hands in the front and workings in the back). She put the clock numbers (1-12) in silver glitter obviously on the front and then hung 2 glass slippers, which she covered with glitter, from ribbons from the back for a pendulum effect. It was adorable - a Cinderella pendulum clock made out of a Golden Years book! I think it was a fabulous piece. I want to know how she got 2 slippers and I only got one - LOL! Why didn't I think to put glitter on my shoe in my shadow box too? Oh well!
Of course, all of the other projects were great too but I just loved that clock!

TGIF - To all of you lucky working people out there I wish you all a wonderful weekend.


lilylovekin said...

Just think Beth, next week at this time you will be celebrating a real TGIF!!! I'm so happy for you. I'm glad you got together with your creative friends, its always good to see the different ideas. Now you know about glitter. Have a wonderful weekend.

Beth Anderson said...

Ha - that's right I will be celebrating my own TGIF next week.
If I had great mentors like you and Julie here I would have thought to do the glitter!

julie Haymaker thompson said...

Oh the slipper party! sounds so fun. And I bet your are nervous yet excited !!

Silke said...

I bet you are excited about next week! I was an exec assistant for years and really enjoyed it! You'll love it!! I'm so glad you got together with your creative friends - what a nice thing to do before you enter into the working world again! So happy for you!! Hugs, Silke

Angela said...

That was very thoughtful of the new company to invite you to lunch! I know you will fit in just great!

Lucid Moon Studio said...

Thanks for your comment Beth! I can totally relate to your post. I have been having "first day of work jitters" all weekend! It's tough to start any new job, but even tougher when you've been out of the workforce for awhile. That is so cool that we both start this Monday! Yay for us!!


lilylovekin said...

Don't know where else to leave you a note. I just wanted to wish you the best for tomorrow. I know all will go well and I hope you get a good night sleep. You must be very nervous but I know you will do just fine. My thoughts are with you. Lorrie

Silke said...

Beth, I hope you are having a most wonderful first day at work!! Hugs, Silke