Monday, October 5, 2009

Guess What - I Got a Job!!!!!

It happened! I did it! I got an offer and I accepted it!
I received a phone call after 7 PM Friday night with an offer - I was so dumbstruck I could not accept on the spot (although I knew it was right) so I said I would call today. Needless to say, I called today and gladly accepted.

I will be working for U.S. Liability Insurance Group (a Berkshire Hathaway Company). A new industry for me. They really seemed impressed with ME from the start and they moved quickly. The entire process from application, through interviews, to the offer was less than 2 weeks. The entire time I was thinking, Wow, they are impressed with ME and are moving quickly. I guess it is just fate. It was meant to be!
I start in 2 weeks (10/19).

Oh these last 8 months! You have no idea how relieved I am to have this is all behind me - I don't have to feel bad about myself anymore, don't have to second guess myself, and can get on with my life. Oh you have no idea...........
Popped the champagne this evening.
(thank you all for your months of listening and your unending support - love ya all!)

P.S I came across this quotation which really captures my feelings. It was in an Etsy shop, cathycullis - What a talented artist. Her words spoke to me and I hope she does not mind me sharing them here -

October spell'

today my hopelessness
no longer a burden
a pleasure in the taste
of fire as I walk
through leaves
this October spell
holds my heart


julie Haymaker thompson said...

OH BETH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I have goose bumps and tears in my eyes. I wish you lived by me so I could celebrate with you!!! I am now just plain crying for you. Oh god the screen is blurry!!! I am so happy !!!!! Oh there is hope always hope in this world Happy days are here again!!!! Good job !!!!Big Hugs julie

Beth Anderson said...

THANK YOU Julie for sharing my joy!
It's funny cause I was talking to my sister in NY saying I have no one to really share my joy with!
Thank you for sharing with me via long distance.

Silke said...

Oh, Beth, I am so, so, so very happy for you!!! I can feel your relief through your writing and your excitement as well. could they not be extremely impressed with you!?!? So happy!! Love, Silke

lilylovekin said...

I was taking a nap and got to wake up to this wonderful news. How I wished I lived closer. But I will raise my glass for you tonight. I'm so excited and so happy for you. Don't get to busy now and forget about us!

Angela said...

Yay!!!! I had a good feeling this time. I think it was all your Etsy sales and the Eye from Greece and your total meltdown a few weeks back. It was like you had to reach rock bottom first and things just started picking up for you and there were positive vibes all about....YAY...I am sending you a Deep South hug!!!

Beth Anderson said...

Aw....thanks everyone!
I know you're all celebrating with me and that means the world to me!
Angela - you are so right - it is that evil eye charm - so many good things have happened since I put it on my monitor!
Love ya all - thanks!

Chrissie Grace said...

Congrats Beth!
That is great news!
I hope you will enjoy your new job.
(I hope this doesn't mean you won't be rug-hooking anymore!:)

kelleysbeads said...

Toasting to you tonight, Beth! Again, soo soo sooo very happy for you!!!

Lorelei said...

Super duper! Enjoy the next two weeks! what's the date of saratoga again? i just wanna make sure I have it on the calendar right.

Mellisa - Chinook Jewelry said...

Congratulations! What wonderful news to receive and so nice to be able to feel that they're truly impressed with you :)

SharonP said...

Congratulations, Beth! What a relief and a blessing. I hope you enjoy your new job and are there for as long as you want to be.