Sunday, October 4, 2009

Indian Summer!

It is a gorgeous day here in Southeastern Pennsylvania! It is sunny and in the 70s. A beautiful Indian Summer day.
We always say why can't it be like this every day, but then one would not be able to enjoy the beauty of Mother Nature and all of her seasons.

George took out some of the old summer flowers today that we dying back but we brought these Zinnias in to enjoy. They are so pretty. Zinnias are one of those flowers that never fails to disappoint.

I was busy hooking last night - trying to get more pumpkins ready for the shop since they seem to be selling. I'm too distracted today with the nice weather to hook - maybe tonight! It was so nice we even washed my car this morning. Just a perfect day to be outside.

I hope you all are having a wonderful Sunday.


Angela said...

Pouring rain here...but I am enjoying it. Sitting inside crafting.

Enjoy it while it lasts- you can work on pumpkins when the sun goes down.

lilylovekin said...

It is a beautiful day here also. Enjoy it the nasty weather will be here soon enough!!

Beth Anderson said...

Sorry Angela - wish I could send some nice weather your way but glad to hear you're making the most of it and are crafting.
Like Lorrie said - the nasty weather will be here sooner than we know.

sharon said...

Your halloween themed pieces are really nice Beth! Love seeing those zinnias too, they do keep summer here a bit longer for us!

julie Haymaker thompson said...

The only place I have ever been able to grow Zinna's was in my childhood home of Michigan and I love them soooo.