Monday, April 20, 2009

1829 Forest Sampler

Just wanted to share my latest addition to my Etsy shop - it's my new fav!
I love the frame, and the wonderful pleasing colors.


Chrissie Grace said...

Hi Beth
I love the vegetable pieces below!
I was just checking to see if you still wanted the give-away. If you do, remember to have to play too(pay-it-forward on your blog.)If you changed your mind that's okay, but if you decide to post a blog entry on it let me know and then email me your address so I can send you something!:)
Chrissie Grace

sharon said...

Hi Beth, and thank you for visiting my blog and commenting on the question, I appreciate it. As I'm looking over your work, and finding how incredible it is!!!!....I think of myself also, because ages ago I used to hook rugs,(gave all of them away!) and then when my daughter was young I did a lot of counted cross stitch on linen. I really did enjoy that and have many pieces from then. I do like my bit of country too! I still have an unfinished Christmas stocking of my daughters that I started when she was tiny and I swear someday I'll finish it! (it has a very elaborate Christmas scene on it). I'll be stopping by often to visit your blog! Love your stuff! I graduated from Kutztown, State College at that time!! Are you anywhere near there, your work looks Lancaster influenced! I live near Wilkes-Barre.