Thursday, April 23, 2009

Remember Me Pillow

Since I've gotten back in to cross stitching and have created a bunch of new pieces recently I decided to mix it up a little and do a cross stitch pillow for the first time. It was well received and suggested I do more pillows. I just completed another pillow and added it to my shop. I'm really happy with the end result.
I'm currently working on another one too - a little change-up from the usual framed pieces. What do you think?


Tommye said...

I love this, Beth. Is it an Eileen Bennett (Sampler House) design?

Beth Anderson said...

Wow - what an eye you have Tommye! I did not know whose design it was cause I used a xerox copy from at about 15 years ago but I just checked and it is! Actually only the top part (ABCD and the flower basket)is, and the rest made up.

Tommye said...

I've owned 2 needlework shops so I am familiar with a lot of designers, at least older ones. Plus I really love Eileen's stuff.