Monday, April 27, 2009

Sweet Nothings

It's still in the 90's here and I'm still melting!
I did take advantage of the cooler morning to get my latest creations ready for the Etsy shop.
Presenting my Sweet Nothings!
I hope they are well received. They are fun to make and a good way to put to good use scraps of linen from larger projects. I hate to waste, and as I was cutting off pieces of linen last week I thought I could probably work up some little something - end result - Sweet Nothings!
Sweet little miniature pillows for ornaments to hang where ever it strikes your fancy.


Lorelei said...

These are so sweet! I love em!
I must say your photos are lookin' STELLAR these days, B!

Beth Anderson said...


Sharon said...

Hi Beth, thanks for visiting today! I made little pillows just like yours about 20 years ago, Christmas decorations though, so I guess I'll show you at Christmas!! Think COOL!

lilylovekin said...

I love cross stitch, my eyes gave out on me so I've had to give it up. You are so lucky. I envy you, your cute little pieces of art!!!

Angela said...

You should call them "Sweet Somethings" because they are really something! hee hee

Very cute!