Thursday, April 2, 2009


Thanks to all who appreciated my wine recommendations, and thanks for the additional recommendations from you too.

The weekend is upon us again and we are going up to Massachusetts tomorrow to see our daughter who is a freshman at UMass. We have not seen her since Christmas break since she is an athlete (at a Division I school) and does not get time off for spring break, weekends, etc.
I can’t ever say enough about how proud I am of her for her commitment. She rows, and anyone who is familiar with rowing knows the total dedication and commitment of the rower since it is such a physical sport requiring a lot of strength and cardiovascular endurance.
It is also a beautiful sport and one of the oldest Olympic sports.
That’s my Katie in the burgundy jacket - I’m a proud Mom and looking forward to a wonderful weekend.
I wish you all a wonderful weekend as well.

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just found your wonderful blog..
so glad we popped in for a visit
mona & the girls