Monday, April 20, 2009

Beautiful Necklace

I'm just so blown away by my dear friend Lori Eurto. I just received this amazing necklace from her. In her blog last week this is what she wrote -

I made this necklace for my friend Beth. Beth Anderson is one of my longest, loyal customers who isn't just a customer anymore. She's my friend! And a wonderful mentor too!

I am so touched and so very lucky. What a friend Lori is and she has had a tremendous influence on my life recently - I feel so indebted to her. THANK YOU Lori. I'm the lucky one to have a friend like you!
Check out her shop on Etsy, Lorelei1141 filled with incredible jewelry. Her talent is amazing!


Lorelei said...

aww. thanks B. I'm glad you like it!

Beth Anderson said...

You know it!