Sunday, July 5, 2009

Back From Vacation

I'm back!
Wow! What an awesome week! You all know how much I've complained over the last month about our weather - well, all the gray and rain was worth it cause we had an absolutely heavenly week of perfect weather!
It was a wonderful, lazy, fun sunshine filled time.
We rent the same house every year and share it with my sister and her family. Our kids range in age from 23 to 9 but they are all very close. We don't get together that often since they are in NY and we are in PA, however we sure make the most of it during our week at the beach. Sadly my son did not join us this year but my daughter invited her boyfriend so we did have a full house.

Looks like George has a little too much sun in his eyes! LOL!

It is always kind of bittersweet when it is over. I'll miss it all but there is always next year to look forward to.

Good-bye Lewes - till next year.................

I have some catching up to do with my blog reading - I'm really looking forward to spending some time seeing what I've missed in all of your worlds.


Tommye said...

Glad you had a good time.


sharon said...

Looks like it was beautiful Beth!!

Lorelei said...

Welcome home! What nice pictures of you all! You all look so relaxed and vacation-y! :)
Nice necklace too btw!!

lilylovekin said...

Glad you are home, I've missed you. It sounds like you had a nice time. And I'm glad to have seen pictures of your family.