Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Musical Apppointments

Like the game, Musical Chairs, I had a day of switching appointments like musical chairs.
I landed an interview - YEAH - scheduled for next Thursday the 23rd. I happened to have an appointment scheduled with my eye doctor for that day too - no big deal cause an interview is certainly a priority. I called the doctor's office this morning to switch my appointment and made it for a week later.
A couple of hours later the company contacted me and said they were able to schedule me to come in sooner for an interview - they scheduled me for this Friday the 17th! It just so happens I had another appointment that day to get an OCT test (optical coherence tomography)for my eyes! I called the doctor's office back and to reschedule the OCT test and thankfully they can do it for me tomorrow and give me my original day of the 23rd to see the doctor (at a different time). The receptionist was so nice when I explained all the switching was for a job interview and she said let's make sure and get you in just in case you get that job!


lilylovekin said...

Yeah for an interview!!! I can imagine how nervous you must be. I'll say a prayer and send you lots of positive energy.

Beth Anderson said...

Thanks Lorrie!

sharon said...

Wishing you the best Beth with your interview and the tests!