Friday, July 17, 2009

Saturday Night Out

I guess you could call it a date night. We rarely go out (alone) and tomorrow we plan to go to the movies and out to dinner. I'm not totally thrilled with the choice for a movie but I'm just delighted to be going out. As a compromise and sharing of choices I'm thinking since I'm not choosing the movie, I'll choose the restaurant!
George's choice for the movie is Hangover. I would have opted for Public Enemies since I love Johnny Depp but, maybe next time. I'll choose one of my favorite restaurants instead.

We broke the lovely weather spell yesterday with some heat and humidity, and again today, but the forecast for tomorrow is right back to another nice day - low 80s and low humidity! Should be a good day and evening.

(Don't know what to say about the interview - I think it went well but I guess I'll know more next week.......)


Angela said...

ah a date night...yep, if you watch "Hangover" he HAS to let you pick the restaurant

sharon said...

Have a great night out!!

Lorelei said...

You will really like the Hangover! I loved it, it's really a well made movie with a good story line. Not like some of that stupid humor that's in some movies. ENJOY!!

Kathy said...

We never go out anymore. It's always carry out for us and we do it way too often. It's so easy and convenient when there are only the two of us!

Hope you had an awesome time and that the movie was great!