Friday, July 10, 2009

What Does This Picture Have To Do With..........

What does this picture have to do with......
I was thinking about what I was going to say today - it seems like I've been a little lax with my blogging lately but it has been one of those weeks where I thought, what am I going to talk about? So, as I was going through my pictures I came across this cool shot of a peacock at the Cincinnati Zoo. When I was working I traveled to Cincinnati once a year. It was great cause that is where my son was for the last 4 years at college so I got to visit him for free since the company was paying for me to go out for work. Over the years I've obviously gotten to know some other the others who would travel to Cincinnati from some of our other offices and about 2-3 years ago 4 of us decided to go a day early and do some fun stuff like going to the zoo. So, long story short, that is where this picture was taken.
Now, what does it have to do with this blog, nothing really!

Back to my original post for blogging today - I really did not have a topic. It has been a very slow, boring week. My daughter took my car everyday to work so I really felt bored and cooped up. I have not gotten my stitching or hooking "hat" back on after vacation and have not done anything creative all week, so it really has been rather dull. On the up side, I was able to sit out in the yard enjoying the lovely temperate sunny days this week and work on keeping what little bit of tan I have left from vacation.

I just got home from driving my daughter to the airport too. She is flying up to Massachusetts to visit her boyfriend for the week. Poor kid - 15 minutes after I dropped her off she called to tell me her flight is delayed almost 2 hours (9:45 PM rather than 8 PM)! That stinks! So she is sitting in the airport waiting. I know we've all been there and done that so we all know how annoying it is. I hope for her sake it does not drag out any longer.

I'm working at the local shop tomorrow - a little diversion which will be nice. We're also going out to dinner with friends tomorrow night. We have these 2 couples we get together with every couple of months. The guys have been friends since high school and we all get along so well. We are going to a Thai restaurant - yum.

Well, for not having anything to talk about I guess I did after all.
Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.


Kathy said...

We haven't been to the zoo in years and thought we might do that this summer.

It seems a number of people have slowed down on their blogging this summer. This is my first year doing this, so maybe that's common.

Have an awesome weekend. Hope your daughter's flight wasn't too delayed!

Lorelei said...

Keep in touch, I'll have my laptop with me on my mini vacay.


lilylovekin said...

After a vacation I often have trouble getting back into the swing of things. It takes me a while to get settled in and my creative energy is one of the last things to come back. You will be hooking and stitching before you know it.

sharon said...

I think your week sounds very relaxing and enjoyable!

Tommye said...

I'm so glad somebody else has to work to think of something to blog about sometimes. LOL