Monday, July 13, 2009

Rooted Jade Plants

Hey, remember around the first of June I blogged about the great cuttings I got from my friend Peg from her Jade plants? I was hoping I would be able to root them in water and it turns out you can. It took awhile but sure enough they rooted. I just returned home from purchasing a couple of little clay pots this afternoon so I can plant them. I sure hope they grow into nice big healthy plants.

Another lovely sunny day in the Philadelphia area. I can't believe how incredible it has been the month of July. We have not even used our central air at all this month! Talk about extra bonus - lovely sunny weather, and being able to keep utility bills down.


Kathy said...

Jade plants are so awesome. Nice photos and I agree about the weather. I love the cool summer!

lilylovekin said...

Hope the jade plant does as well in the dirt. We've had a cool summer in Northern CA. also, it has saved on the water bills. That is nice because I'm told we are in a drought.

Stef said...

Just found your blog and love it!!! I have a jade plant that is 40 years old!!! My sister bought it as a little 4" plant when we were in high school. When my parents moved, I inherited the plant, it's huge now. You can also just stick a cutting in dirt and keep it moist and it will root. Good luck with your's!