Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Flowers and Circles Rug

I just could not resist listing this rug in my shop (and no, I did not hook it while I was on vacation).
Lollipop flowers are so much fun and I find I do hook them a lot. I decided to carry the circle theme out into the wide border. This type of design is so easy to create and fun to hook. No monotonous border on this rug!

The rug measures 15 x 21 inches and can be used as a rug on the floor, could be hung up or put on a table.
Although wool is not very summery, this piece is!

Gosh we have been so lucky with our weather. After a week of perfect weather at the beach, it is continuing and we have had 5 more days of perfect weather. Bright blue skies, lower temperatures and low humidity. I'm loving this!


sharon said...

This is stunning beautiful!

Beth Anderson said...

Thanks Sharon!

lilylovekin said...

Beth, your rug is gorgeous. I can't imagine how many hours went into making it. I'm glad you didn't spend your vacation working on it!